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Coal Creative is an Interactive Agency, dealing in integrated activities from the field of marketing, advertising, website designing and public relations.



We are working for results

While planning, designing or implementing we are alway set on our clients goals. It is our ambition to always outperform initial targets.


Communication with client is key

We want to know as much as possible about Your product or services, clients and advantages. Better we understand Your business the better the results.


As we work with our clients in partnership and provide measurable results we are often recommended.

Our team of experts in various fields will ensure your business’ online presentation is of the highest quality. Just remember you cannot afford to be just usual. Every business website created by our team of specialists is perfectly adapted to the company’s profile, as well as to the needs and wishes of its owners.


At this stage we want to meet You and Your business. Establish goals and ways to achieve them.

  1. Market position evaluation
  2. Macro-environment analysis
  3. Competition evaluation
  4. Target audience establishment


We start conceptual work that puts Your clients in front. Our goal is to tap into needs of Your future clients.

  1. Design direction
  2. Corporate identity evaluation
  3. App concepts and mock-ups
  4. App visual identification


We can now start implementing the designs as we now have the conceptual work established.

  1. Development
  2. Content impelmentation
  3. Manual and unit tests
  4. Integrations


After launching the app we create a marketing and visibility strategy to achieve best possible results.

  1. SEO optimisation
  2. Long-tail positioning
  3. Ads creation
  4. Inbound marketing

Our experience in cooperating with demanding customers from various sectors has taught us to treat every customer individually – all our activities are adapted to the needs and expectations of a given customer.

  1. Dbałości o szczegóły
    Superior quality thanks to detail-oriented approach

    Our objective is not a simple creation of good websites, but a creation of the best websites in the world, with perfect design in every aspect and bringing profits to their owners in any way possible.

  2. Skuteczne realizacje
    Our projects must be effective

    In Coal Creative, the design and implementation of every order are based on cutting-edge methods supported by scientific research. Thanks to that we are able to achieve high precision and the systems, applications, websites or marketing campaigns created and analysed thoroughly by us become effective, first of all.

  3. Dostosowanie do aktualnych trendów
    In line with the current stylistic and technological trends

    The world of Internet media undergoes constant changes which is why continuous observation and analysis of trends, technologies and ideologies behind website creation are the key to ensuring utmost quality and effectiveness of any project.

  4. Zespołowy tryb pracy

    Our projects are created by a team of specialists thanks to whom we meet your expectations right in the first project proposed. The teamwork in Coal Creative ensures efficient project planning, designing and implementation which is why your profits are bound to grow and your website will be really appealing.

Opinions of our clients

Read what our customers say about us

„We have chosen Coal Creative as the designer and the executor of our European website in December 2012. Within a few months of intense labour they have provided us a site which fully meets our requirements: elegant, professional, easy to use and maintain.All the required deadlines have been met, the staff of Coal Creative have been very helpful and offered us valuable advice on website lay-out throughout the project. They have always reacted promptly on our requirements and continue to do so. All in all, choosing Coal Creative as our web-designer has proven an excellent choice.”

Joanna Skwarek, JTEKT Europe Bearings B.V.

"Coal Creative did an excellent work creating our web site and redesigning our corporate visual identity. They did loads of work for us at a very reasonable cost. They never complained when we asked for more changes and implemented them swiftly according to our instructions. They were very professional and very easy to work with. We will definitely use their services in the future and recommend them to anyone looking for a solid and efficient creative agency."

Matt Cortez, Director Conference Division, Teneo Meetings

Prizes and awards

Our skills are confirmed by the distinctions awarded to us

Nairne Ltd
Date: 2015
Date: 2015
Uroczysko 7 Stawow
Date: 2015
Black Rooster
Date: 2014
Date: 2014
Nairne Ltd
Date: 2015
Golden Design Awards
Score: 82
Just Make Up
Date: 2/2010
Silver Design Awards
Score: 79
Tort Pieluszkowy
Date: 4/2010
Silver Design Awards
Score: 79
Date: 4/2010
Silver Design Awards
Score: 78
Date: 4/2010
Golden Design Awards
Score: 82
Millennium Salon
Date: 6/2010
Platinium Design Awards
Score: 92
Frida Eye Studio
Date: 5/2010

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs for some more insights.

  • We like to say that we offer 360 degrees solutions. The scope of competence and knowledge we possess allows us to develop a strategy, plan, design and provide further support and development of any digital product.
  • We are mostly experienced in systems created for web and mobile - React, Angular, PHP, MySQL, Python, Ruby etc. but our developers have experience in many other technologies and frameworks.
  • Certainly, we start our work from the workshop. We believe that an understanding of the customer's goals and experience in their industry must be reflected in the product we create. The number of workshops depends on the project, but we try not to limit their number and do them as often as necessary.
  • We try to respond immediately, with an estimate or questions that will allow us to provide some more detailed quote.
  • The most important are the objectives, information on the current structure and the investor's general insight. We're here to plan and propose the right solution and choose the right technology. If we need any information other than these basic elements, we will be sure to ask :)
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